To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world…” – Anyone who knows this part from the story of the Little Prince will find a similar idea in Havington‘s new single. In “Soulmate” the young Bremen band sings about the meaning of friendship and the search for.

Havington is an indie pop trio from the north of Germany. The three musicians from Bremen have already experienced a lot in a short time: festival days like Melt! or the SWR 3 New Pop Festival, hectic pedestrian zones while busking and small clubs in Berlin or Kiel. The band released their debut EP in 2019.

Havington used the time of the pandemic to write and record their second EP. Supported by Initiative Musik since March, the EP “Cocoon” will be released on September 17th, 2021 on AdP Records (I Heart Sharks, Ásgeir, Kafka Tamura, etc.). With wonderful indie pop tune “Soulmate”, the first single will be dropped on June 18th – perfect for the first days of summer. The sound has grown up, the songs are more playful and deeper. Havington manage to create their very own sound between guitars, synths, driving rhythms and dreamy, nostalgic duo vocals of the two front singers. In the new video for “Soulmate”, Havington are surrounded by colors and being always on the move, looking for their own kind and whet the appetite for summer and for own soulmates.

This is indie pop, this is catchy, elated and danceable, dreamy and thoughtful, carried by two voices that can be gently and scratchy at the same time. It gets under your skin and is about to stay there. And by the way, Havington sing about the attitude to life of a whole generation: “Times are getting rough these days // Sometimes I need a cocoon // A safe place, a soulmate // I think that could be you”