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20. February 2024

Wolf & Moon // Finally back on the road

The Dutch-German indie duo Wolf & Moon can finally be seen live again. With their new album, the third, in their luggage, they are playing three concerts this week: 21.02.2024 – Dachau – Kulturschranne 23.02.2024 – Stuttgart – InDieWohnzimmer 24.02.2024 – Darmstadt – Bedroomdisco The perfect opportunity to listen to the three previous albums “Before […]

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13. February 2024

Somewhere Underwater // New Tour Dates

The quartet Somewhere Underwater have been combining fine shoegaze, 80s indie and dream pop in an extraordinary way for many years. In February and March, they are going on a short tour of Germany. The four of them have some new songs in their luggage that you can look forward to! On March 1, you […]

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09. February 2024

Quirinello – Sorgenstau // Happy Release Day

Quirinello are releasing their new single “Sorgenstau” this Friday. This is also their second song in German, which will also be included on the EP to be released in early summer. And now? It has to fucking go on! With fast guitar riffs, catchy lyrics and driving drums, Quirinello’s new single “Sorgenstau” captures the complex […]

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26. January 2024

Havington – Hoping for More // Happy Release Day

Happy Releaseday, Havington! Today sees the release of the third single from the upcoming debut album by the Bremen indie trio. “Hoping for More” sings about the feeling of young love. A time of lightness, discovery and trust, in which every look is like a promise and every tenderness a dream. Havington write songs for […]

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04. October 2023

Havington – Trace // Happy Release Day

Happy Release Day! Havington releases new single “Trace” on September 29, 2023 and go on tour in Germany What remains when someone is no longer there? What traces do we leave behind? Havington seek answers to these questions in their new single “Trace”. In the song, the Bremen trio sings about the fear of forgetting […]

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06. August 2023

Florian Ostertag // Tour de Ländle with Nasim

The singer-songwriter from Stuttgart is on tour again! This time on a very special one… Florian Ostertag and Nasim have known each other for a long time. They got to know each other through their shared love of music, or rather handmade folk music. Musically, the two are somewhere between Joris and Ben Howard. Nasim with […]

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