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2019/11/07 - Eau Rouge - "Golden Nights" in
"Wir sind die Welle: Netflix Original"

A mysterious pupil is the leader of a group of young people who express their anger at social grievances. But the idealistic movement soon takes on a dangerous form and threatens to get out of control. Eau Rouge supported the series with "Golden Nights"

2019/11/08 - Florian Ostertag - new album!

Today "Invisible" is released, the second single from Florian Ostertag's second and soon to be released new album. With 1:47 the song is by far the shortest song of the record and also sound aesthetically with distorted vocals, overdriven electric guitar and stomping drums quite unusual for the singer-songwriter, but nothing less than great - but listen for yourself!

2019/10/30 - Ásgeir - New single "Youth"

The Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir presented today the first single release from his latest work: With "Youth" the artist returns to his childhood and at the same time gives a foretaste of his third album, Bury the Moon, which will be released on February 7, 2020 by Embassy of Music/AdP Records.

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2019/10/20 - Kafka Tamura- "Berlin"

After the great success of their debut album "Nothing To Everyone"(with over 15 million streams) Kafka Tamura are finally back. We are very proud to release the new EP "Berlin" today.

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