Quirinello – melancholyMe


Catalogue number:

Track listing:
01. as fast as we fall in love
02. things we’ve been told
03. ugly mondays (feat. Telquist)
04. fuckboy song
05. skip that song
06. flowerboy
07. fragile waves
08. slipping in my socks
09. crossing lines
10. some things will never change
11. stuck
12. doors I’d like to keep closed

About Quirinello

Quirinello create a beautiful dreamy sound dominated by reverb guitars, smooth synths and lo-fi drum samples. (Süddeutsche Zeitung)   Last year, a radio interviewer asked if he – Quirin, mastermind of the band Quirinello – ever planned to sing in German. At that time, the singer and songwriter explained that he didn’t particularly like the […]

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