Quirinello create a beautiful dreamy sound dominated by reverb guitars, smooth synths and lo-fi drum samples. (Süddeutsche Zeitung)  

These days a bedroom is quickly converted into a recording studio. A laptop with scratches and lots of stickers, a microphone bought on eBay, guitars and keyboards spread out on the bed – and we’re talking about “bedroom pop”. Everything is composed, recorded and produced in-house. Quirin Müller, the head of the indie band Quirinello, is one of these bedroom pop creators. The first songs were created and released like this. And suddenly – much faster than expected – Quirinello found themselves in major streaming playlists, radio and magazines. Maybe not ready yet? But that’s what DIY brings with it. Even during Corona, the first live experiences could be gained and stages were shared with Shelter Boy or Das Paradies – but above all they concentrated on the production of the debut album.

The Sad-Boy-Dream-Pop wave around Mac DeMarco, Boy Pablo or Gus Dapperton has reached Bavaria and nobody rides it better than Quirinello from Munich. (PULS)

The band from Munich – in their early 20s – combines sensitive songwriting, spherical synthesizers, reverb electric guitars and lo-fi drum samples. A touch of 80s revival. Intimate verses meet epic sing-along refrains. Music somewhere between bedroom pop and stadium rock. Supported by Initiative Musik, AdP Records will release Quirinello’s debut album in summer 2022. On January 28th, the first single “as fast as we fall in love” will be released.

Also planned as the opener of the debut work, the song touches on the central themes of the entire album: love, loss, social media, anxiety disorders and depression. The issues of our time. “as long as we fall in love” is about the first moments of a new love and about the fear that everything beautiful will disappear again as quickly as it started. How quickly and willingly do we give up parts of your life while falling head over heels in love? Suddenly you define your happiness almost exclusively through the newly found love and yet there is this fear of being able to lose everything again.

“as fast as we fall in love“ will be released on January 28th via AdP Records.