Quirinello create a beautiful dreamy sound dominated by reverb guitars, smooth synths and lo-fi drum samples. (Süddeutsche Zeitung)  

Last year, a radio interviewer asked if he – Quirin, mastermind of the band Quirinello – ever planned to sing in German. At that time, the singer and songwriter explained that he didn’t particularly like the sound of the language and wouldn’t switch anytime soon. But life has its own plans, and now, just a few months later, the first German-language song by the four-piece bedroom pop band from Munich has been released.

“In the end, I realized that German is an incredibly expressive language that allows me to express myself in a way I didn’t before. Above all, writing lyrics in German is incredibly fun”, the singer smiles.

With their intimate dream pop and “beautifully dreamy sound” (Süddeutsche Zeitung), the Munich indie band Quirinello looked deep into the emotional world of Generation Z with their debut album “melancholyMe” last fall. Packed in lots of reverb and dreamy synths, the band deliver plenty of growing pains and melancholy, providing the perfect soundtrack for wistful coming-of-age stories. Whether tender love, mental health, loneliness or social media: Quirin Müller (guitar & vocals), Svenja Nückel (synthesizer & backing vocals), Luca Doborka (electric bass) and Yannik Hecher (drums) dare vulnerability and depth in their songs – and a hopeful look ahead. September 2022 saw the release of the Munich band’s debut album, which – how could it be otherwise – was predominantly home-recorded: breathy dreaminess, catchy pop elements and psychedelic vibes meet nostalgic lo-fi aesthetics reminiscent of Bandcamp tapes from the late noughties.

More than 1 million streams, radio airplay, interviews and a lot of critical praise later and before the band’s first tour in May, which will bring them to Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, the first German single “Wiener Melange” is released. The song is full of emotion and opens up different interpretations: “For me, it’s about friendship. In our group of friends, we had the habit of drinking Wiener Melange from the coffee machine every day, which ultimately gave me the song idea. We were a wildly diverse university group that got along really well right away. For the first time since Corona, I felt like I had arrived back in university life. Wiener Melange stands for “escape from loneliness”.

So the still very young band heralds a small, new era. It will not remain with a unique excursion into new linguistic realms, at the moment they are working on a complete EP in German. So much can already be revealed.

The Sad-Boy-Dream-Pop wave around Mac DeMarco, Boy Pablo or Gus Dapperton has reached Bavaria and nobody rides it better than Quirinello from Munich. (PULS)