Nick & June

Euphoric melodies, dark melancholy and celestial folk music: founded in 2012 as a solo project by mastermind Nick Wolf, the line-up and vision has been growing over the years, evolving from purely acoustic solo and duo-folk into an imaginative, independent synthesis of the arts, now comprised of four members.

Thanks to the support of the funding programme Initiative Music and BY-on and a quickly sold-out EP, the debut album “Flavor & Sin” was released. The folksy singer-songwriter release impressed both the press and the public equally, and included comparisons to Angus & Julia Stone or Bon Iver. While airplay and online charts were being cracked, music for the movie “About A Girl” was being composed and songs graced the evening TV programme, Nick & June continued their 300 concert tour in six European countries.

In 2017, Nick & June took the next step. As a matured band and freshly signed to the acclaimed indie label AdP Records, the second project “My November My”, produced by Udo Rinklin (inter alia Philipp Poisel), was released this spring. Critics are delighted. The concept album tells the story of the “November Boy”, who is deeply disappointed with the world and humanity, embittered and self-righteous, but also reflective and self-defeating, vocalizing his thoughts in twelve chapters in order to say goodbye. Intertextual references to Conor Oberst, The National or Belle & Sebastian merge with epic song structures, sophisticated sound games, deep beats and marching rhythms. Coupled with the central, filigree voice combination, Nick & June’s distinct development becomes apparent and results in lonely-beautiful music dreams and fragile melancholy.

On stage, the four multi-instrumentalists share a range of instruments ranging from guitar, mandolin, ukulele, bass or electronic bows to drums, glockenspiel, piano, organ, melodica, horn and accordion. By the end of 2017 alone, Nick & June will have played nearly 100 concerts and wherever their path may lead in the coming years, the only certainty is: Home Is Where The Heart Hurts!