Florian Ostertag – Live at TV Noir


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Track listing:
01. Drifting (Live at TV Noir)
02. John Wayne (Live at TV Noir)
03. Better Version Of You (Live at TV Noir)
04. Africa, I Come (Live at TV Noir)
05. Babel (Live at TV Noir)
06. Quiet Echoes (Live at TV Noir)

About Florian Ostertag

There are great talents, many part-time melancholic and even more likable loners next door. And there is Florian Ostertag. His nature: down-to-earth and authentic artist. His music: hand-picked and multifaceted. The overall package: an idiosyncratic, musical personality with honest rough edges and a good sense of self-irony. Grown up in a 400-souls village on the […]

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