Florian Ostertag – Flo And The Machine


Catalogue number:

Track listing:
01. All about me
02. Drifting
03. Always Waiting
04. Invisible
05. Can’t Say What You Want
06. John Wayne
07. Quiet echoes
08. One More Time With Feeling
09. Fraud
10. Don’t lose yourself (Simple man)

About Florian Ostertag

There are great talents, many part-time melancholic and even more likable loners next door. And there is Florian Ostertag. His nature: down-to-earth and authentic artist. His music: hand-picked and multifaceted. The overall package: an idiosyncratic, musical personality with honest rough edges and a good sense of self-irony. Grown up in a 400-souls village on the […]

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