Quirinello – Sorgenstau // Happy Release Day

Quirinello are releasing their new single “Sorgenstau” this Friday. This is also their second song in German, which will also be included on the EP to be released in early summer.

And now? It has to fucking go on! With fast guitar riffs, catchy lyrics and driving drums, Quirinello’s new single “Sorgenstau” captures the complex emotions of a generation caught between urban concrete jungles, the illusory world of Instagram and growing fears about the future. Too many options, too much information and too little time. “Sorgenstau” captures that moment when everything becomes too much. But it’s not a song to bury yourself under the comforter to. Rather, it invites you to dance and move. It conveys the kind of energy that stirs and encourages, that contrasts the heaviness of things with a lively, almost rebellious vitality. As if Drangsal and Betterov were driving through pelting rain to an Ekkstacy concert.

With their fresh dream pop and “beautifully dreamy sound” (Süddeutsche Zeitung), the Munich indie band Quirinello took a deep look into the emotional world of Generation Z on their debut album “melancholyMe” in the fall of 2022. With lots of reverb, dreamy synths and backthen in English, the four pack a lot of growing pains and melancholy, providing the perfect home-recording soundtrack for wistful coming-of-age stories in a nostalgic lo-fi aesthetic. Whether tender love, mental health, loneliness or social media: The band around Quirin Müller dares to show vulnerability and depth in their songs – and a hopeful look ahead. Over 1 million streams, thousands of radio airplays, interviews, critical acclaim and numerous concerts from Berlin to Hamburg to Munich later, Quirinello is ushering in a new era: They are currently working on a complete, first EP in German.

You can listen to “Sorgenstau” on all streaming and download portals!