Quirinello – slipping in my socks // Happy Release Day

Happy release day, Quirinello!

With “slipping in my socks” the next single of Quirinello’s debut album is released in summer. Relaxed and in best Bedroom-Pop manner the quartet “slips” into their socks.

“slipping in my socks” is about friendships and how they change. You don’t spend as much time together anymore because everyone is going a different way. But when you meet, it briefly feels like it used to. Almost like time travel. It seems like that connection will be there forever. Hopefully…

Quirinello once again celebrate their bedroom pop between teenage angst and melancholy, rapturous naivety and hope for eternal life. “slipping in my socks” will be released on 10.06.2022 on AdP Records and can be streamed on all music portals.