Quirinello – Abspann // Happy Release Day

“It is real that these are the end credits of a movie about you and me? A shitty movie!”

Happy release day, Quirinello!

Does your life feel like the endless roll of ending credits at the movies? The new Quirinello track “Abspann” captures this feeling with a lot of emotion between melancholy and nostalgia. It tells of the awakening from the inertia of everyday life, combined with the painful realization that one has unconsciously closed oneself off from feeling. Reminiscent of a past love that still resonates, the protagonist realizes that he has built a wall around his heart. “Abspann” is about the desire to break out and allow deep feelings – even if they can be painful. Quirinello celebrate their own credits – as if Betterov put on an old Tocotronic record, Wir sind Helfen played along to it on their Casio synth and Drangsal screamed from the back room. “I want to feel, I want to feel so deeply that my heart breaks”

Today, March 29th, Quirinello’s “Abspann” will be released on all common streaming and download portals.

Tomorrow, Quirinello will open the concert by UK indie darlings King No-One at Club Milla in Munich. Tickets are still available!