Nick & June – Lip Sync to Love Songs // Happy Release Day

Happy release day!

With “Lip Sync to Love Songs” we release in cooperation with Monty People the third single from the upcoming Nick & June EP “Beach Baby, Baby”.

Nick & June float in a glittering fog of trilling synthesizers, gentle beat and drum pulses and vibrating organ sounds. Embedded in dark reverb guitars, the bitter-sweet paired voices of Suzie-Lou Kraft and Nick Wolf lead the way through euphorically orchestrated restraint and meditative ramifications of thought. Where parallels were once drawn to artists like Bon Iver, Damien Rice, and Angus & Julia Stone, now also Beach House, Mazzy Star, and Lana Del Rey, peer through the reverb-veil.

After their last successful album “My November My“, 20 million streams and a longer creative break, indie duo Nick & June releases „Lip Sync to Love Songs”, the third single from their upcoming EP “Beach Baby, Baby“ which will be released in spring 2023. Flickering, a slightly distorted electric guitar guided by a swarming drum machine – over the top lead singer Suzie-Lou hangs a warm first-take vocal, almost wistfully asking “Who knows forever as always?”. The struggle with the inner child, the feeling of having your heart stolen away from you, all this is softened by playful compositions – comfort in the hazy gutter romance. “Lip Sync to Love Songs” is an abstract feeling that narrows down and lets you burst out at the same time. A love song unlike any other. Starting today you can stream and download the track on all streaming devices.