Havington // Touring Deutschland

Havington are back. After both the debut EP “Behind a Smile” and the follow-up “Cocoon” were affected by the Corona pandemic, the three from Bremen finally announce the long-awaited big tour through Germany. The three musicians:inside have already experienced a lot in a short time: from festival days like Melt! or the SWR 3 New Pop Festival, hectic pedestrian zones to the most winding bars in Berlin or Kiel. In their music, Havington manage to create their very own sound between guitars, synth pads, driving rhythms and dreamy, nostalgic duo vocals of the two lead singers. The result is indie-pop, catchy, upbeat and dancing, dreamy and thoughtful, music to get into and indulge in, carried by two voices that can be velvet and sandpaper at the same time. It goes comfortably under the skin and is allowed to stay there – and quite incidentally Havington sings about the reality of life of a whole generation: “Times are getting rough these days – Sometimes I need a cocoon – A safe place, a soulmate – I think that could be you”. In addition to two open-air dates in the summer, the band will be touring extensively through nine German cities in October:

16.07.23 – Bremen – Breminale 27.08.23 – Delmenhorst – Rathausbrunnenplatz 15.10.23 – Leipzig – Café Lux 16.10.23 – München – Glockenbachwerkstatt 17.10.23 – Stuttgart – Cafe Galao 18.10.23 – Köln – die wohngemeinschaft 23.10.23 – Mainz Schick 24.10.23 – Darmstadt – Schlosskeller 25.10.23 – Hamburg – Häkken 26.10.23 – Berlin – Schokoladen 28.10.23 – Bremen – Die Zentrale