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The “Bandstory” is a special section on our homepage. Here we want to document the origin and history of our bands. Let’s start with a Berlin band called I’m Not A Band and the mastermind behind it – Stephan Jung.

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Classical music and electro, the then living in Leipzig Stephan Jung took a liking to both styles. So it seems obvious that he tries to connect them. The initial attempts with the singer and friend Jana Damm should only be a taste of the upcoming musical successes.

They write and compose together on the planned debut album “Electrolin”. While first reviews are being written, Stephan is already on the lookout for a flat in Berlin.

“Trainthoughts” (2009)

Since his childhood, Stephan Jung has had a great passion for the violin. Later he trains himself as a classical musician and begins to realize his musical plans.

The hectic city of Berlin inspires him on the one hand, but on the other hand ensures that he has to move his studio. Out of the too small shared room and into the garage of friends, which serves him well to produce his songs.

“I’m Not A Band does not overwhelm you with instruments, but the music helps to stimulate the imagination, sometimes confusing, but still it always excites you”
– MDR Sputnik

The concept works: I’m Not A Band is touring through countless European clubs, whether in Warsaw, London or Milan. In 2011 they release their debut album “Electrolin” and play as the opening act for Egotronic. In addition, they are signed by AdP Records, making them siblings of bands like I Heart Sharks or Dadajugend Polyform.

Debütalbum Electrolin  – „Crazy“ (2011)

In addition to the debut album “Electrolin” (2011) in a new cast with the singer Kassandra (inter alia, at Parfum Brutal) the album “Bandband” was released in 2012. Also at the second work “INAB” successfully convinced with intelligent and danceable tracks.

“Their songs draw their tension from the play between classical and electronic music. The result is a wonderfully sparkling electropop “


Other successful artists noticed their unique sound, like takeSomeCrime, with the real name Mike. The same became known because he dances to electropop tracks and produces high-range videos of it. The music producer Miguel Endera and the talented artist created a music video for the song “Blister”. (down below)

“A successful mix of violin and electro”

After extensive touring and several single releases, Kassandra wanted to focus on her band “Parfum Brutal”, but it doesn’t take long for Stephan to meet the talented Simon Ortmeyer, who together produce pop without being pop, electronic without electro, band without being a band. Between decelerating and energetic beats, I’m Not A Band creates dazzling thunderstorms from a wide variety of musical worlds and emotions on their new work “Oceans.” The gesture is great, the melodic lines catchy, but never predictable.

Successful with violin and synthies: I’m not a Band – Interview with Pop10 (2015)

In 2015, the first joint album of this lineup called “Oceans” was released. In addition to the unique electro-classical sound, the duo also has a clear political message: With the song “Colors” they clearly position themselves against racism and for a more solid dealing with refugees.

“Colours” (2015)

“Violins, electronic beats and catchy, poppy melodies create a new sound that is as well received in the club as well as on a Sunday afternoon in the living room.”
-Mephisto 97.6

“Stronger” (2017)

“Past Forward” marks the logical next step in the evolution of the duo. The second album in the cast of Jung / Ortmeyer marks a turning point and brings big success. The understanding of electronic music is as modern and innovative as it is international. “Past Forward” wants to be pop.

For over a year, the two heads joined forces behind I’m Not A Band to create the organic and vibrant sound on “Past Forward” – out of the oasis of well-being, leaving old patterns behind to achieve new effects.

“Past Forward” is just as outrageous as the title suggests: a music that stirs through its supposedly insurmountable contrasts. [I’m Not A Band] irritate a nerve that has not been irritated for a while. […] Whoever has managed to get the idea that a future of electro-pop could have revealed itself here. “

„Past Forward“ – Album Snippets (2017)

Past Forward “[shines] now as a brilliant masterpiece, as a new highlight in the discography of I’m Not A Band”
-I still have it

Supported by the warming voice of Simon Ortmeyer and the sometimes filigree, partly orchestral accents by Stephan Jung’s violin, the songs achieve a dynamic, dance-like and energy that goes beyond the boundaries of classical club music. Not least the untypical tempos and the recurring half-time feeling create a crackling mood.

„I’m Not A Band“ at radioeins Dachlounge with their single „Swimming“

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