When he once whispered to his old companion, Captain Kirk, ‘All I know is logic’, all Leonard Nimoy in his lifelong role as Mr. Spock wanted was to characterize his binary entity. Using those same words one could describe the world of the space travelers of Wyoming; through everything these three sophisticated boys approach, arises a very individual sense of logic. Although this highly talented trio advance through infinite vastness nearly 40 years after Nimoy, the entire crew of the Enterprise would cry tears of joy if they were to experience the bizarre landscapes that Wyoming encounter in their second album ‘Moon Jaunt’. One knows that everything must consist of 0’s and 1’s, and yet there is something hidden within this music that keeps normal, sentimental beings from sleep.

Just as David Stieffenhofer and brothers Manuel and Sascha Lukas masterfully conceptualized catchy synthesizer landscapes on their debut album ‘Fountain’ (2013) (somewhere between the musical range of The Whitest Boy Alive and Yo La Tengo), so too could the trio’s new album ‘Moon Jaunt’ play the part of a soundtrack to a Leif Randt novel. It glimmers at every turn. Their sound is gentle, and the rhythms complex. Together with producer Oliver Zülch (The Notwist, Slut, Sportfreunde Stiller, Die Ärzte), Wyoming has carefully refined and polished their sound.

There are songs on this wondrous yet addictive album so delicate, they are as if resting upon a floating cloud. There are songs so splitting and tremulous, they are as if charged with electricity and then placed under water. Style and intuition are joined together with a kind of grandiose air; something one associates with musicians from New York or Bristol. If one were to attempt to list off aesthetically related bands and musicians, one could name the Cocteau Twins, Portishead, The xx, Caribou, or perhaps Jon Hopkins.

Wyoming has proven time and time again, most recently being their successful concert at the Melt!–Festival, or as supporting act on tour with ChkChkChk as well as for the Glass Animals, that this magnificent journey that they take us on not only succeeds on vinyl but also on stage.