The King of Cons


The King of Cons is a pop duo from Munich. The term “pop” in this context being a crass generalization. What The King of Cons are actually serving up is a finely balanced cocktail of R’n’B, Synthie-Pop and contemporary Hip Hop: Cold synth sounds. Spherical guitars. Bone-dry 808s. But also piercing EDM-organs, thwarted by church choirs. With underlying hooks that are so sticky, your brain goes into autorepeat mode instantly.

Despite their melancholy lyrics and R’n’B melodies: from their outwards appearance, you could easily take the flannel-shirted, tattooed duo for an early nineties grunge act. Franko van Lankeren and Lennart Stolpmann not only curate their own sound, but also their style which is similarly influenced by half a dozen niches from the past centuries. No doubt, they are tinkerers. Their songs are hand-crafted at their own studio. However, the experience they gathered on festival and club stages throughout Europe in the past ten years proves they are not only nerds. On shows they display ecstatic thunderstorms of drums, guitars, sweat and spit.

“Sacrifice” was mixed by Nicolas Sierig, mastermind behind Joasihno and various other projects by Notwist-Label Alien Transistor. Mastering was implemented by Zino Mikorey from Berlin-Kreuzberg who is also responsible for the sound of Parcels, Casper or Brandt Brauer Frick. “SACRIFICE” will be released in late 2019 on AdP Records.