Somewhere Underwater

„The debut record of highly talented Nuremberg based band “Somewhere Underwater” is an indie pop godsend poured into nine songs – and at the same time only an associative stone’s throw away from the shoegaze tradition of Slowdice.” Süddeutsche Zeitung

Seulement dans mes rêves – the title of their new single embodies all the missed chances the band looks back on through the past years since their last release “Slowly & Safely” in 2019. The boys are back and the motto still applies.

Still following their passion for the DIY – all new songs are recorded and produced between their hands. Still lingering in the nostalgia and the love of all independent movements and the mainstream scene from the 80s and 90s. They are taking their time – not lazy but in tune with their rhythm. And making sure they’re still having fun together to create something honest with passion.

„The debut record „Slowly & Safely“ […] is a fantastic mix out of wave dream pop and 90s noise pop“ PrettyInNoise

Das Projekt startet 2014 mit Juliens One-Way-Ticket aus seiner französischen Heimat nach Deutschland, um sein Leben zu ändern. Im Gepäck seine Liebe zu Surf-Pop und melodischen Klängen, die seine The project started in 2014 when Julien left France and bought a one-way ticket to Germany to change his life. He took his love for surf pop and melodic sounds with him, accompanying his experience in a small 18-square-meter apartment above the rooftops of Munich. 2000 kilometers away from his hometown, Julien found focus “somewhere underwater” – giving a name to his new music endeavors. He escaped the dusty and busy streets of urban life with his noisy synth pop. In 2015 he released his first 7” single “Spring Kills My Energy” via AdP Records: a combination of Slowdive-like harmonies, wave-pop and 80smelodies. The same year, three good friends decided to join him on stage (c/o Pop, Sound of Munich). The former solo project could easily morph into a band, their members shared a love for early Factory/Sarah Records bands and heartbreaking 80s hits. With influences form 90s Noise Pop and the surf touch from their parents scratchy records, the music has always been an introspective mix of childhood memories, teenage anxiety, and friends and family influences.

“Dreamy dream pop. Beautiful vocals, sweet synth layers.” PULS

On March 25, the first single of the upcoming EP will be dropped: the French language song “Seulement dans mes rêves”. The EP should be released end of the year, highly influenced by their typical retro sound, but also will provide something new. And hopefully they can jump back in the bus to talk shit and to bring their energy back on stage.