YUUN – I’ve Got My Head in the Cloud // Happy Releaseday

With “I’ve got my head in the cloud, but the server is down” YUUN condense two intensive years in ten songs, in which they ask themselves where we come from as a society and where our way into digitality leads us. The first part of the double EP “I’ve got my head in the cloud” will be released on September 09.

For the production of the album YUUN then looked for a very special place and set up in an abandoned radio station in eastern Germany. The countless studio rooms of the building, which have been empty for over 20 years, seem to have fallen out of time, but have lost nothing of their perfect acoustics despite mold and dilapidation. All in all, a surreal place to record an album, brought back to life after years of stagnation. Somewhere between analog nostalgia and transhumanist fantasies, YUUN keep asking themselves where the thin line in the middle is, where the gray areas have remained and whether we as a society can even stand it anymore when the answer sometimes lies somewhere between yes and no.

Musically, YUUN’s first album moves between the lightness of Mac DeMarco, the melancholy of bands like Beach House or Men I Trust and an obsession with detail and a love of experimentation à la James Blake. It becomes clear in the five tracks, that YUUN between playful synth melodies and a very dense drum sound are always looking for space for the next hook. This is how songs are created somewhere on the border to pop with thoughtful lyrics and a complex overall sound, but never forgetting to be catchy. For this, YUUN passionately experiment with analog synthesizers, run guitar signals, small children’s keyboards, Japanese harps or anything else they can get their hands on through countless small effect pedals or alienate samples beyond recognition.

“I’ve got my head in the cloud” is available on all streaming and download services.