Joy Wellboy – Les Pieds Dans La Merde La Tête Dans Les Étoiles

Release: 03/03/2017

Catalogue number: SAM105ADP

Track listing: 01.Prendre Le Large 02. Mon Coeur 03. Les Pieds Dans La Merde, La Tête Dans Les Étoiles 04. Voyage Voyage 05. Suicide 06. Le Radeau De La Méduse 07. Hawaii 08. Beau Beau 09. La Fôret Noire

About Joy Wellboy

It has been sung about a hundred thousand times, or surely even more: the phantom pain of longing. But this pain has never sounded quite like it does on „Painkiller Nights“. So feisty and tender at the same time, with an incomparable voice that whispers and howls: „My head is bursting with an amplified scream: […]

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