Lucas Laufen – I Don’t Believe In Loss // Happy Release Day

“I Don’t Believe In Loss” is Lucas Laufen’s inevitable question of morality put into song. Dealing with unprepared loss from personal experience forced him to confront the topic of life, which left him confused and scared.

The heartfelt song which radiates both positive and melancholic emotions shows the Australian musician sharing his emotions. Laufen doesn’t only share his emotions, he also shared the tragic losses with several people he was close to.

He says: “It was a strange coincidence to have people I’m close to all going through the same emotions at the same time and I think it was the shared experience of it all that pulled me back into a positive state of mind.” 

Laufen’s fourth release from his forthcoming studio album emits hope at a time of darkness. “We all just started putting one foot in front of the other and living again, resolved to the fact that some answers wouldn’t come,” he says and adds: “And although I’m still questioning this whole topic, I feel more at peace with it after moving through this period with people I love.”

“I Don’t Believe in Loss” is available on all streaming and download services as forth single from his upcoming record “Weathering”.