Florian Ostertag – All Under Control // Happy Release Day

4 Tracks on 4 Track. Florian Ostertag – one of the most talented songwriters in the country – has dedicated himself to a new project: writing, arranging and recording songs under the dogma of using only four tracks. Everything is reduced to the essentials and the song is at the center. So the Stuttgart based songwriter retreated to a remote location in the Swabian Alb with a few instruments, effects devices and the 4-track tape deck.

The result is four songs that deal with failure in its various facets, and show why Florian Ostertag has been shaping the German music landscape for over 10 years now – whether as a band member with Philipp Poisel or Lena Meyer-Landrut, as a producer and film composer or on stage with William Fitzsimmons, Boy or Joris.

“All Under Control”, the first single, is a driving, atmospheric indie-folk song that describes the tireless search for the fulfillment of partly indefinable longings. A song like a long road trip, like an old tape in the cassette deck, like a warm blanket in winter – somewhere between Fleet Foxes, Bear’s Den, Phoebe Bridges and Damien Rice.

Starting today you can stream or download the song!