Can you find happiness in a remote hut sat on the east coast of Denmark? That remains uncertain. However, the Scandinavian Jutland is certainly supportive terrain in the search of own musical ideas. So between flying kites, freshly caught plaice and the parents’ old polaroid camera, three guys in their early-twenties, set out to create a new sound aesthetic. Among Danish dunes and spartan equipment, they come up with something that should become the new trade mark sound of ZULU. ZULU begins.

ZULU, however wasn’t even born at that point. Neither the all capital letter term, nor the the idea of the band itself. That did change quite rapidly, when the song ideas became a band project and that project became an actual band. ZULU begins.

With ’Digital Brain’ being released in fall 2017, we got a first taste of the new sound. This was quickly followed by their first Spotify playlist and their first live shows – wether they played a living room in a students ́ quarter in Freiburg or a sweaty Berlin electro club. Some people might be reminded of The xx, to rows further back, a quiet Cigarettes after Sex can be heard. But actually, there is no point seeking comparison, when it’s obvious that the three boys from Würzburg succeed to create a unique mixture of indie melancholy, soothing vocals, spherical guitars and meticulous electronics, which seems to evoke thoughts about the year 20XX. ZULU begins.

After German Indie label AdP Records contracted the band, they head back to the coast – this time it’s the Irish one though – to film a two-part music video accompanying their first singles ’Hidden People’ and ’Retrofuturism’, in which Game Of Thrones’ Peter John Sinclair took over the lead role. These and other song titles, such as ’Inactive Life’ or ’Digital Brain’, hint at what the album is all about: the 21. Century life between humanity and digital life. All this leads up ZULU’s debut album, entitled ’analogue heart // digital brain’, due to be released in March 2018. ZULU begins. Finally.