Kat Vinter

Kat Vinter was born out of the icy Berlin winter of 2012. The Australian nomadic songwriter retreated sometimes to the bunkers of local musicians, and sometimes to the smoke filled bars and pulsing clubs to think of lyric and melody ideas.

When Kat found local German beat master Hannes Büscher and a Norweigan poet Laila Samuels, the ongoing international search for meaningful creative connections and collaborations was fulfilled. “Kat Vinter” was to be the rebirth of Kat as a solo artist, having previously trawled the clubs, art and fashion parties of both the Sydney and New York underground as an indie band member for many years.

Between the urban creative hub of Berlin and a small cabin located deep in the woodlands of the Swedish border to Norway the team has since been crafting layers of hip hop inspired beats, tribal drums, waves of synths and aching ethereal vocals. Themes such as isolation, intimacy, fate, deception and obsession surface and re-occur. The result is a lush and mysterious soundscape of brooding, beat driven pop music with moments of darkness and light, beauty and tension.

Kat Vinter is currently working on her debut EP which will be released in April 2015 via AdP Records in Germany/Switzerland/Austria and Culvert Music in North America