“When reality and imagination are imitating each other again…“

EAU ROUGE spent quite some time on the road, bringing their explosive live shows and noise-pop hymns about regret and desire to audiences in LA, at SXSW and The Great Escape, before releasing their debut album NOCTURNAL RAPTURE, touring with The Temper Trap and opening at Lollapalooza Berlin.

The trio’s songs are melancholic, haunting and sexy – with a passionate loathing for their hedonistic generation. Jonas’ voice is bright, passionate, yet dark and somewhat elegiac. Bo’s guitars give birth to a unique arrangement of sounds and eerie melodies. Magnus’ drums are dynamic, yet fragile.

Their stage show is powerful, organic and 100% live. The trio’s huge sound and their effects driven set sonically fills the room, reminiscent to a synth orchestra. Call it POSTGAZE if you will.